Engineering Design Support
  IceCube - Engineering Design Services Outsource (Launched in 2007)

IceCube is an Engineering Design Services (EDS) outsourcing solutions provider focused on enhancing client's product / project engineering efficiency. Leveraging technology, domain knowledge, & our robust work planning methodology, we ensure an effective global delivery model while outsourcing of engineering services. Our engineering teams seamlessly integrate into our client's in-house engineering / product development team & environment to help improve their productivity, resource management and competitiveness.

Engineering Design Services: Offerings
Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Instrumentation and Control
Civil and Structural Engineering
Architectural CAD-2D/3D
Technology Design Services
Dedicated Engineering Design Center

Engineering Design Services


Separate core operational processes from non-core support processes and free in-house staff for handling workload to maximize their core competency: design and business development.
Focus on strategic issues and spend more time on design rather than production.
Reduce costs and improve margins.
Overcome capacity constraints and infrastructure.
Gain access to trained support manpower in a remote location, limiting risk during leaner periods and enhancing ramp up capabilities during growth curves.
An independent quality assurance and certification group following clearly defined QA test plans and strategies
Small QC loops to trap errors in the production process
An open, quality oriented feedback system, similar to quality circles

Chirag's strong background and understanding in Engineering and IT makes this a natural progression from his earlier ventures. His understanding of global concerns of engineering businesses and their need for a quality conscious, flexible and intelligent partner to outsource convinced him of the urgent need for a Engineering Design Support Outsource unit. Like always his foresight has helped IceNet innovate and gain first mover advantage in the state of Gujarat. Next, the world is his playground.

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