True Leader
  I have known Chirag for over six years I found him to be the most visible personality in Ahmedabad, is always willing to contribute and or take leadership. He leads from the front and is seen as a role model. He is very energetic and is able to energize the team working with him. I have also interacted with his team and they see an employee sensitive customer centric and business savvy leader in him .Chirag has had his share of the hard times, I have seen him unperturbed and confident, at the end he has emerged winner and strong.

Jagrut Vyas, CEO, Torrent SEC Ltd
  Ultimate faithfulness towards his goals with continuous commitment defines Chirag Mehta’s character.

Raja Pathak, Educationist & Chairman Swastik Group of Schools
  I am always in awe of people who treat their work as religion and are completely focused towards their goal. Chirag is one such special person whom I have known for a long time. He is an achiever and the kind of model that the younger people working with him and known to him need to be connected with. Chirag’s interest for Art is quite intense and goes beyond verbal appreciation.

Kumudini Lakhia, Kathak Dancer
  When I saw how ICENET had grown from one technology to another and how it kept on evolving the right product mix for its customers, I started thinking of Chirag as that entrepreneur who can architect the right vision that is required for an organization to attain success. Then, During the "upbringing" of ICENET, Chirag rightly recognized the value of brand and masterminded a very successful strategy to build "ICENET" brand.

What is great about Chirag is that things for him don't stop at vision level; he develops deep passion for implementing it successfully. He has great perseverance, an eye for crafting a focused objective, which he must achieve howsoever hard it may be to actually achieve it. Finally and the most importantly, he possesses right entrepreneurial acumen to transform a vision into reality.

Prof. B. H. Jajoo, Indian Institute of Management
A True Leader

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