IceNet.Net Limited
IceNet was founded in 1998
Joint venture between Eclipse Micro Computer Inc New Jersey, USA and Elecmech Group, India.
Company named as Eleclipse Networks Private Limited at time of formation in 1998 later renamed as IceNet.Net Ltd in Aug 2000.
IceNet was India's first Private Digital Internet Service Provider with dedicated Fiber Optic Cables, Digital Modems, Fully Automated Helpdesk, a world class Portal Site, a Users-to-Lines Ratio conforming to global standards
Internet Service Provider (ISP) business of IceNet is acquired by YOU Telecom, a company owned by CVCI - Citigroup venture capital International in April 2007

Milestones in the Short Journey

Months Year Events

Launch of IceNet as First Digital ISP of Gujarat
Launch of Internet on Cable (Broadband Internet) 24 online
Floated Software company Elitecore Technologies limited
First time results of 10th and 12th standard classes on Internet
Acquired Bhavya Communications a Cable Company
Launch of IceGate First Private Internet Gateway in Gujarat
Launch of Virtual Private Network services
Investment worth Rs 4 crore from GVFL
Launch of IceTel India's First Internet Telephony Services
Established Server Farm for Government of Gujarat - GSWAN
Launch of Wireless Technology Infrastructure for Leased Lines
Established first Wi-FI Hotspot in Ahmedabad
Launches India’s first WIMAN – Wireless Metropolitan Area Network for Broad band.
Internet Business sold to YOU Telecom, a Citigroup venture.

For launching IceNet, Chirag went back to being a student; researching, data compiling & learning about the fundamentals of Information Technology and Internet Networking. He went into the intricacies of Wide Area Networking Design, and the rapidly changing area of Internet Technology. Devoting 18-19 hours a day towards reading, discussing and learning combined with his basic grooming in Electronic & Communication Engineering, helped him imbibe IT and Telecom faster. In six months, Chirag turned himself into an expert in Wide Area Networking and the World Wide Web. It was a major switch for him from the safe environs of his family business of Elecmech Group.

The Many Firsts to IceNet’s credit

First to launch Digital Internet services in India

Chirag’s strong belief in quality led him to convince the Department of Telecommunications (DoT ) to establish new policies and rates related to sales of Digital lines. Based on Chirag’s inputs DoT rolled out rate structures across states. IceNet pioneering effort was then replicated by other ISPs across western India..

First to launch Internet on Cable in India

A major deterrent to internet growth in India was the high per hour cost for the use of internet. Necessitated by this need, Chirag decided to go for a low infrastructure cost futuristic technology and selected Ethernet technology. This low cost option not only helped reduce the per hour cost but also improved the quality of service substantially. This was a first in India.

First to launch Internet International Gateway in Gujarat

IceGate brought to Gujarat for the very first time reliable bandwidth free from BSNL, VSNL, STPI ( Government bodies providing bandwidth ) IceGate added huge capacity to the bandwidth starved state of Gujarat thus making Internet faster and reliable. IceNet was the first private company that introduced bandwidth in Gujarat.

First to launch Internet Telephony Services in India

IceNet launched Internet Telephony in April 2002, which was first of its kind service in India. Once again Chirag was instrumental in framing the rules and laws of Internet telephony to a great extent. His recommendations were referred by Ministry of Communication to open up this sector in India. Chirag sought out the best in Telephony by setting up a state of the art voice lab to ensure that the best was procured. This effort reduced the cost of communication for his customers by 1/5th. With his immense understanding of the technology related to telephony, he helped Gujarat/ Indian government frame cyber crime laws related to international PC to phone calling cards.

First to launch IceCorp-Enterprise Business Solutions in Gujarat

Looking at the core competency of IceNet in architecting and deploying solutions that consolidate, integrate and automate management of information, protect and secure mission critical data Chirag started this new venture IceCorp.

Focus Areas
  • Storage/Server Management Solution
  • Networking Solutions
  • Enterprise Security Solutions
  • E-Business Application/Software Development

IceCorp is first of its kind enterprise solutions company from Gujarat which provides end to end solutions to the businesses of Gujarat.

First to launch IcePhone Broadband internet telephony in Gujarat

IcePhone is device based Internet Telephony for which one does not need a PC to make international calls. Chirag also kept in mind that the technology which is introduced should be affordable to the masses to ensure that the product is a success. IcePhone was launched to address the needs of growing business opportunities which opened up after globalization of various sectors. IcePhone not only is affordable to the masses but also offer excellent voice clarity.

First to launch Wi-Fi Hot spots in Gujarat

Keeping in mind the long term vision and dream of Chirag to make Gujarat a technologically advanced state, he introduced the concept of Wi-Fi for the first time Today a whole lot of educational campuses, offices, hotels and residential complexes have Wi-Fi installed due to the efforts and foresight of Chirag Mehta.

First to launch IceXPress – 5 times faster internet in India.

As 75% of internet subsribers were dialup customers, they were unable to enjoy the benefits of speed associated with broadband. Chirag saw opportunity and therefore introduced IceXpress, 5 times faster dialup connection.

And the above only represent a few of his innovations. The others include :

Chirag not only introduced innumerable firsts in the internet technology domain, he did all of this with very little time to spare after launching IceNet. What makes it unique is that Chirag had to take a huge detour from his existing family business oriented mindset. He did all this effortlessly and with grace. He introduced western concepts of paper less office, open culture, flat organization structure and laid immense focus on quality and getting it right the first time.

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