High Emotional Intelligence
  The Webster dictionary defines mentor as “a trusted counselor or guide". Chirag Mehta takes this definition to a higher plane. As a trusted and respected guide, Chirag leads by example, constantly inspiring his team to face newer, greater challenges without compromising on ones beliefs and ethics.

Chirag Mehta is unbiased in his viewpoint, exacting in his work, unwavering in his faith in team members and generous with his praise. The respect he commands amongst his peers and team members is a testimony to his belief that there are no shortcuts to success.

And the mentor himself has never stopped being the student, always updating his knowledge treasury. A quick learner Chirag regales in digging back into books to share his newly gained knowledge regularly with all his students.
And we, his students wait with open arms....

Sonal Shah, Vice President, Operations IceNet
  I have known Chirag for over 25 years and I can vouch for two things for sure: his optimism and his energy. He is committed, self-motivated and relentless in his pursuit of his vision. He is always aware of his goals and the means to achieve them. But in his pursuit he never forgets the people around him. An inspiring personality, he always builds and fosters partnerships with ease and elan. A great friend, a true motivator and excellence personified!

Hemal Patel
, Friend & Cofounder IceNet
  I have known Chirag since we both learned to walk. With penchant for finer things in life – he is a highest efficiency human machine. His ability to remain motivated in the face of fierce adversity is not only breathtaking but inspirational. His leadership skills were on the offer from the school days when he lead the local Leo Club in its social and fellowship activities. Clear, forthright and committed in his work and family life – he is a sort of person whose enemies would hate to hate him. Nothing is more predictable than Chirag keeping his word of mouth – a promise. His ability to influence people by shear exuberance, understanding of situation and out of the box thinking has been the hallmark of him receiving accolades for marketing excellence. He is the only one I have known who can excite you about simple things in life. A true friend, exceptional human being and a visionary - Chirag is a bright spot in anyone’s life who have known him. He reminds me that – Friends are like street lights, they do not make the distance any shorter, but they light up the path and make the walk worthwhile.

Dr Harsh Shah – Friend, Hip & Knee Replacement Surgeon
  He is a friend, philosopher and guide. He charmed me in our first meeting and I was for him because of his style. Food and clothes are his passion. He is emotional, disciplined, perfectionist, caring and loving. He gives lot of space to me and he has ability to mould a person his way living intact that person’s originality and personality. Surprising quality is he doesn’t have any grudge for people who have done wrong to him. He is more like a jivansathi then a husband.

Nandini Mehta, Wife
  I have known Chirag now for over 20 years both personally and professionally. He is one individual who draws attention due to his extrovert personality, enthusiasm for life, a keen sense of humor and his innate understanding of situations and technology. I have seen him figure his way out of difficult situations due to his analytical ability to think clearly, execute his plans diligently and above all his ability to rally his troops due to his personal high integrity standards, stable temperament, and respect for his team.

I wish him the very best in his second venture and I’m sure all the learning from his first will help him grow Icenet to even greater heights!

Kaushal Mehta, Founder & CEO – Motif India
High Emotional Intelligence

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