Successful Entrepreneur
  After the board exam of 12th standard when I asked Chirag, “how much percentage you will get ?”
He said 92% and I knew that he will get what he had said and he really got it.

It is such a pleasure to see that he is not only possessing the same strength but with years of experience and hard work he has infact sharpened his skills.

I have always seen him grabbing an opportunity and converting into reality which reflects his entrepreneurial skills and I always appreciate his ability to take risks in new areas, plan it well and be focused to take it to its logical end. This is probably due to the qualities he possesses of persistent, determination and confidence with clear well planned path for achieving the final goal.

Malay Mahadevia, Director, Adani Group
  He is an achiever who has inspite of few setbacks has never abandoned his dreams and doggedly persevered until he succeeded.

Vishnu Varshney, CEO, Gujarat Venture Finance Limited
  I have known Chirag Mehta both personally and professionally over the last 12 years. He is an entrepreneur par excellence, pioneering the internet service provider business successfully in Gujarat and this he had done with a clear vision, strategic execution and very good creativity. The road to development was a tough one but HE HAD BEEN ABLE TO STAY THE COURSE WITH GRIT, innovative ideas & an infectious determination to succeed. I am confident that with this valuable experience behind him, what ever he takes up as his next challenge, it would be visionary and worthy of serious attention by one and all.

Sunil R Parekh, Advisor: Crisil Solutions, Zydus Group, Suzlon Energy Group
  I have known Chirag Mehta as a thought leader to conceive the idea of a private ISP venture even before Govt. of India started issuing license to private players. ISP was too challenging business to handle since on one hand there was huge aspiring user mass and on other hand technology itself was on its way to maturation. Chirag has displayed tremendous amount of ability and positioned IceNet as darling of Internet users in Gujarat. He steered IceNet with exceptional marketing strategies and leadership skills to always stay at #1 position in Gujarat during entire tenure of 10 years of IceNet. Successful fund raising at early stage of venture, positioning the venture as #1 in market place, nurturing and growing the venture through toughest competition and finally providing graceful exit to shareholders displays his skills of a master craftsman.

Nipam Shah, Chartered Accountant, Nipam R Shah & Co.
Successful Entrepreneur

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